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Thanksgiving Box Giveaway!

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Hello everyone! We hope you had a fabulous weekend! We sure did. Our wonderful brother & his gorgeous wife came out from DC to chill with us. We felt pretty special cause they’re pretty neat peeps. We also experienced a glupid moment on Saturday we will have to fill you in on. If you are following us on Instagram, we gave you a little run down of what happened, but stay tuned for the whole story. ; )  Oh &  if you’re not following us, you probably should cause who wouldn’t want gluten free goodness in all of your news feeds!? ; )

Getting ready for Thanksgiving? We can’t believe it’s NEXT Thursday! To prepare ya’ll, we’d like to introduce you to our giveaway! We will be giving away two items from this week’s “Sigh Of Relief” posts! So be on the lookout for what you could win! The giveaway starts today & ends Thursday. You have a chance to enter daily, so click the link under the picture & start entering!! Good luck!

New to the blog? Welcome!! This month we’ve been running our “Sigh of Relief Series.” We wanted to let you relax a little simply by knowing that you CAN still have a YUMMY Thanksgiving, gluten free. These are a few of our own tips on how to have a fabulous dinner. Here’s a list to see the others & remember to subscribe to our blog so you can get the rest emailed to you!
Pass the Gravy
Gobble Gobble
Steamed Vegetables & Gluten Free Cheese Sauce
Gluten Free Sweet Potato / Yam Casserole


Thanksgiving Box Giveawaygiveaway-sign

I have to tell you about this pic! I stepped out of my car in a store parking lot & was greeted by this lovely glove formed into a peace sign. It made my day. : )


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