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Taunting Cookie

Well, we told you that we experienced a glupid moment this past weekend & alas, the time has come to share the whole story. Ok, so we went to pick up our food at Noodles & Company. We love that place! They have a wonderful Pad Thai dish that we love, GF of course! Anyway, the lady was ringing us up & you know how sometimes places  have little baked goods wrapped in saran wrap, next to the cash register? Well, I picked up one of their butter plate sized cookies, turned to Bri & said, “Bri! Doesn’t this look SOO good!?”

I put it back & the lady grabbed it, did the cutest sneaky dance I’ve ever seen, & slid it into the bag! We were kind of shocked so I think we froze for a split second before we began thanking her up & down! It seriously was so sweet of her!  When we got out to the car, we were like, “Uhhh! I can’t believe we just got this wonderful delicious cookie for free & we cant even eat it!!!”  Lame huh? It almost made the cookie look even yummier… We made an insta vid. Here it is. We’re weird, we know.

So, because we like to take care of our sad feelings, we went right on over to sprouts & bought a whole ton of our favorite cracker cookies! Like, 4 boxes worth!! They were so yummy!


I forgot to mention that a few hours earlier, we had ice cream, something we haven’t had in MONTHS! My brothers left some ice cream in our freezer & we were worried it was getting old, so we tried one of them (don’t worry, it was GF!). Let’s just say we enjoyed ourselves & had a bit. Eh hem.. Ok, a lot! We couldn’t help ourselves! They had mini Reeses cups & chocolate syrup yummyness!!

One thing about this particular ice cream is that it was sugar free. If you don’t know about sugar free things, we are here to shed some light. I think all things sugar free should proclaim 1 thing & it should be written all over the package. Sugar free items usually have an ingredient in them called maltitol. It is totally gluten free BUT it acts as a laxative. No joke! This amazon review on sugar free gummy bears was going around Facebook for awhile, so if you haven’t seen it & are in need of a good laugh, be sure to read the reviews! It’s pretty hilarious.

LUCKILY we didn’t experience the laxative reaction & suffer like those guys, thank heavens, but I think the combination of the dairy, sugar, maltitol, & cookies was a very very bad idea for our poor tummies. I was up all night lying in bed feeling super sick. I ended up throwing up that night & Bri was up all night too. I almost texted Bri at around 3am to ask her how the bathroom floor was haha but I didn’t feel well enough. We hardly ate anything the next day & when we did, we ate little things first, then worked up to the big stuff. This is a perfect example of how diligent you have to be! We had some ice cream before dinner, & then a bunch of cookies & BAM, sick. Can y’all relate!?

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