Gluten Free Oreo-Reese’s Turkeys

Have you seen these adorable Oreo-Reese’s Turkeys all over Pinterest? They are just the cutest! Well we found a way to make them gluten free! We replaced Oreos with gluten free “Oreos,” Woppers with Milk Duds and we all know Reese’s are already gluten free ;). We had the hardest … Read More

Sugar Pie Honey Bun

The best part about Thanksgiving is being around family. The memories it brings along with it gives me the deepest feelings of nostalgia. I miss how my moms side of the family would all congregate in my grandma’s house. Human bodies everywhere! My mom comes from a family with six … Read More

Gluten Free Caramel Ice Cream

Home made ice cream is so much better than store bought ice cream. Am I right!? It is always such a treat when we get to partake of the deliciousness that is ice cream. Unfortunately…. If you remember our glupid story from last week  you know very well that we can’t … Read More

Gluten Free Old-Fashioned Macaroni & Cheese

Do you make Old Fashioned Mac ‘N Cheese for Thanksgiving? It’s seriously my favorite dish! I, know! So weird. But seriously, I LOVE it. In order to make it, you HAVE to have the BEST noodles. I’m sure your well aware of gluten free noodles. You know, how they fall … Read More

A Hint of Lime

Ok, I told you we had a TON of jello at our Thanksgiving dinners but this one is THE best!! It’s our favorite, hands down! It would NOT be Thanksgiving without it. It’s called Lime Pear Jello. Sounds kind of weird huh? It’s not. It’s wonderful. We have been known … Read More

Thanksgiving Box Giveaway Winner!

Guys! We almost had 100 entries!! That’s so awesome! We haven’t been blogging for a month & already we have received so much love! : ) Thank you to all that follow us! And to all those who participated in the giveaway, THANK YOU! Ok, It’s time to announce the … Read More

Stuff Yo’ Self!

Even though stuffing is primarily made up of bread, you can still enjoy it, gluten free! This will be our 2nd item in the Thanksgiving Box Giveaway! Thanksgiving Box Giveaway Our first Gluten Free Thanksgiving, we had been diagnosed for about a month. We didn’t know much but my mom … Read More

Gluten Free Strawberry Pretzel Jello

Yay for gluten free pretzels! This will be the first item in our Thanksgiving Box Giveaway!   Thanksgiving Box Giveaway First off, let me tell you about our favorite GF pretzels. Glutino Gluten Free Pretzels Twist & Stick. My brothers who are AVID pretzel eaters, prefer these over Rold Gold. … Read More

Thanksgiving Box Giveaway!

Hello everyone! We hope you had a fabulous weekend! We sure did. Our wonderful brother & his gorgeous wife came out from DC to chill with us. We felt pretty special cause they’re pretty neat peeps. We also experienced a glupid moment on Saturday we will have to fill you … Read More

Gluten Free Sweet Potato / Yam Casserole

For those of you who are new to the blog, this is our “Sigh of Relief Series.” We wanted to let you relax a little simply by knowing that you CAN still have a YUMMY Thanksgiving, gluten free. These are a few of our own tips on how to have … Read More

Steamed Vegetables & Gluten Free Cheese Sauce

Ok, I’m not sure if this is a tradition that just our family makes for Thanksgiving, or if other people do this too. This is one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving staples. It’s become one of my husband’s favorites as well because he loves cheese. : ) We had … Read More

Gobble Gobble

Did you know some meats have gluten in them? Various brands  cook their meats with gluten seasonings or inject them with proteins that contain gluten.  The “natural flavor” that’s listed in the ingredients often contain gluten as well. So, make sure to get a gluten free turkey for your Thanksgiving … Read More

Pass the Gravy

Lots of gravies contain gluten! That beautiful consistency is a byproduct of  gluten thickeners. The silly thing is, there are OTHER ways to thicken gravy. You can use cornstarch, for example!  So guess what that means!? If you get creative, you can have gravy on those mashed potatoes!! You have … Read More

A Sigh of Relief

A gluten free Thanksgiving is definitely achievable but you need to know the cans & can’ts! We’ll tell you why: The Thanksgiving following our diagnoses left us all scrambling for gluten free/dairy free alternatives & an even bigger emotional problem…. The thought of going without our favorite Thanksgiving dishes was burning … Read More

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