Gluten Free Oreo-Reese’s Turkeys

Have you seen these adorable Oreo-Reese’s Turkeys all over Pinterest? They are just the cutest! Well we found a way to make them gluten free! We replaced Oreos with gluten free “Oreos,” Woppers with Milk Duds and we all know Reese’s are already gluten free ;). We had the hardest … Read More

A Couple Back to School Recipes

Hey y’all! I hope everyone is surviving the first few weeks of school. While we don’t have kids in school, my husband is in his third week of a new semester at the University he’s attending. We are in full swing! I wanted to share two amazing recipe’s that are … Read More

Healthy Home Made Hot Cocoa

  I am loving this wintery weather! My favorite part is getting into the warm drinks and soups! YUM! I am pretty much a soup person all year round but it’s the best when it’s cold outside. I love the contrast between the chilly weather and being able to drink … Read More

Strawberry Hazelnut Torte With Chantilly Cream

Whelp. It’s Valentine’s Day on Friday & boy do we have a recipe for you! Your significant other will be blown away at how good this Strawberry Hazelnut Torte with Chantilly Cream, tastes. They might be amazed you made it, depending on your baking skills haha! We were amazed at … Read More

Sugar Pie Honey Bun

The best part about Thanksgiving is being around family. The memories it brings along with it gives me the deepest feelings of nostalgia. I miss how my moms side of the family would all congregate in my grandma’s house. Human bodies everywhere! My mom comes from a family with six … Read More

Gluten Free Caramel Ice Cream

Home made ice cream is so much better than store bought ice cream. Am I right!? It is always such a treat when we get to partake of the deliciousness that is ice cream. Unfortunately…. If you remember our glupid story from last week  you know very well that we can’t … Read More

A Hint of Lime

Ok, I told you we had a TON of jello at our Thanksgiving dinners but this one is THE best!! It’s our favorite, hands down! It would NOT be Thanksgiving without it. It’s called Lime Pear Jello. Sounds kind of weird huh? It’s not. It’s wonderful. We have been known … Read More


Things have been a little crazy this week but we survived! It was this beauty’s birthday yesterday! One thing you have to know about Bri is she has the biggest heart, EVER. I haven’t met another person more concerned for other people’s feelings, than Bri. She often forgets to take … Read More

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