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Sweet Debbie’s Organic Allergy-Free & Vegan Recipe Book Giveaway!

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Good news! I’m hosting a giveaway! I’ve been dying for an opportunity to get this one going and now is the perfect time! Today is the 11th day in our 12 Days Of Giveaways! Basically a few bloggers got together and decided to do an awesome giveaway party for the holidays! We call it the 12 days of giveaways. Starting on December 1st, each blogger hosted a week long giveaway on their site. Some of the giveaways have ended, but here is a list of links to the giveaways that are still running. You still have time to enter so get going peeps!

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Starting today, you will have the chance to win one of my all time favorite cook books ever: Sweet Debbie’s Organic and Vegan Recipes from the Famous Los Angeles Bakery. Debbie was so sweet to give one of her mouthwatering recipe books away to THANK YOU, DEBBIE!


As you all know already, I am on this anti hard sugars kick. My mom, and sister and I have really been working on eliminating things like cane sugar, butter, and white flour in our baking/cooking. We try to substitute butter for apple sauce or just cut most of it out completely. We’ve been using our all time favorite pure maple syrup
instead of sugar and we’ve been trying out a few different grains in place of white rice flour or tapioca flour. It’s been a really fun experience but sometimes it gets difficult experimenting with recipes that are made for those sugars and fats.

In Debbie’s book, she explains her extensive research on how horrible refined white sugars are on your body. She set out in search for low-glycemic sweeteners and got to work. She spent about a year continuing her research and countless hours of baking to create the perfect recipes filled with organic, healthy ingredients and sweeteners. She includes things like stevia and coconut nectar.

This is why I love this book! It is allergy friendly and health conscious, both of which I was in need of. I also love that Chapter 2 is all about “How-To’s and What for’s” to guide me through everything I might need help with in her recipes. She includes an explanation of what ingredients she uses because some of them aren’t your every day ingredient! I just can’t get enough of it so I’m so excited to be able to share this recipe book with at least one of you! If you don’t win, it’s totally worth purchasing!


What I have loved about Debbie’s book is that these recipes are all CREATED to be healthy, not ADAPTED to do so. So they always work! I’ve made 4 recipes so far and I can’t even tell you how much I love every single one of them!

Mocha Italian Espresso Cupcakes

This was the first one we tried. I am so bummed I didn’t take a picture but it was late at night and the pics just wouldn’t have done it justice. So here is a picture from her book. Don’t they look mouthwatering. Trust me, they are! I made them while all my family was over and lets remember that Bri and I are the only ones who are on a gluten free diet. Needless to say they ALL DIED over them! They could NOT get enough! It was hilarious and I just loved it because I looked like such a good cook! I did sub the coffee with a gluten free coffee substitute called Dandy Blend
because I don’t drink coffee ;).

Sweet Debbie's Mocha Italian Espresso Cupcakes #glutenfree #allergyfreee #dairyfree #vegan #organic

Oatmeal Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies

We loved this one! We love oatmeal cookies so it totally caught our eye! It was so fudgy and chocolaty and filled with oats, I mean you can’t go wrong! YUM!

Sweet Debbie's Oatmeal Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies #glutenfree #allergyfreee #dairyfree #vegan #organic

Sweet Debbie's Oatmeal Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookies #glutenfree #allergyfreee #dairyfree #vegan #organic

Mushy Monkey Banana Muffins

Seriously. My husband and son downed these. That’s huge. They are so super healthy for you I was shocked they were THAT good. I added some mini chocolate chips to them because I love banana’s and chocolate. I will be making these all the time. They are perfect for breakfast or a snack or even dessert! DONE!

Sweet Debbie's Mushy Monkey Banana Bread Muffins #glutenfree #allergyfreee #dairyfree #vegan #organic

Sweet Debbie's Mushy Monkey Banana Bread Muffins #glutenfree #allergyfreee #dairyfree #vegan #organic

Sweet Debbie's Mushy Monkey Banana Bread Muffins #glutenfree #allergyfreee #dairyfree #vegan #organic


Gourmet Dark Chocolate Mesquite Brownies

Ok so we are a bit obsessed with healthy brownies. We just need to get over our black bean brownie phase. My husband is so over it haha! He was stoked when we found this one! Seriously they are so good! The frosting MADE this recipe! So good! I also, added chocolate chips because I can’t have brownies without them!

Sweet Debbie's Gourmet Dark Chocolate Mesquite Brownies #glutenfree #allergyfreee #dairyfree #vegan #organic

Sweet Debbie's Gourmet Dark Chocolate Mesquite Brownies #glutenfree #allergyfreee #dairyfree #vegan #organic

So the question is: are you going to enter!? It takes seconds and you could be just as happy as our taste buds are! Do it!!
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  1. Sammantha Boyle
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    Pretty darn excited about this! The more cookbooks the merrier! I’m baking-impared to begin with 😉

    • Brooke Roundy
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      We couldn’t agree more! Thank you for your comment and good luck!

  2. Kat
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    This book looks delicious! Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Looks like a great book!

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    I’m always on the hunt for new, delicious, GF recipes for the family. These look delicious!

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    I’d love to receive this recipe book

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