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Stuff Yo’ Self!

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Even though stuffing is primarily made up of bread, you can still enjoy it, gluten free! This will be our 2nd item in the Thanksgiving Box Giveaway!

Thanksgiving Box Giveaway

Our first Gluten Free Thanksgiving, we had been diagnosed for about a month. We didn’t know much but my mom was willing to try anything! We made the regular stuffing for all our gluten eaters & a small 9×9 gluten free size dish for us. She used the stuffing recipe we had used for years, but replaced the usual, gluten dried bread, for gf bread. It turned out pretty good but it was missing a few things. It all kind of stuck together & it didn’t have the same texture that we all love so much.

The second Thanksgiving, I was with Colby’s family & Bri was with my mom. She tried stuffing from a box. She liked it and thought it got the job done. If you are in need of simplifying your Thanksgiving day prep, stuffing from a box might be a good way to go. For Bri, that year, it was almost more worth it to use the box. It took so much extra work to make it the old fashioned way because she was the only one eating GF.  The box came with a seasoning package & it didn’t take much to make it.

Since we get to have Thanksgiving together this year, we are so excited to try Rudi’s Gluten Free Stuffing! The package includes JUST the bread crumbs & what looks like a to die for recipe! If you win the Thanksgiving Box Giveaway, YOU will get to try it along with us! We are dying to know how amazing it is, & we would love to hear what you think!!  Don’t forget to enter! You only have a few hours left! good luck!!

New to the blog? Welcome!! This month we’ve been running our “Sigh of Relief Series.” We wanted you to relax a little simply by knowing that you CAN still have a YUMMY Thanksgiving, gluten free. These are a few of our own tips on how to have a fabulous dinner. Here’s a list to see the others & remember to subscribe to our blog so you can get the rest emailed to you!

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