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Steamed Vegetables & Gluten Free Cheese Sauce


Ok, I’m not sure if this is a tradition that just our family makes for Thanksgiving, or if other people do this too. This is one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving staples. It’s become one of my husband’s favorites as well because he loves cheese. : ) We had to modify this as well because you thicken the sauce with flour. The first time I made it, I’ll be honest, I was intimidated. My mom had to walk me through it haha! But I got it down now and man oh man is it good! Here’s the recipe!

Steam carrots, broccoli & cauliflower.

GF Cheese Sauce – Yealds 2 cups
Melt 4 tbs butter in a pan over medium heat
Add 4 tbs GF all purpose flour
1 tsp salt
Blend till smooth paste.

Add 2 cups milk; stir continually
Gradually add 3 cups shredded sharp cheese
Add a couple dashes of cayenne pepper- we usually flavor to taste



For those of you who are new to the blog, this is our “Sigh of Relief Series.” We wanted to let you relax a little simply by knowing that you CAN still have a YUMMY Thanksgiving, gluten free. These are a few of our own tips on how to have a fabulous dinner. Here’s a list to see the others & remember to subscribe so you can get the rest emailed to you!
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