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Sensodyne That Sensitivity!

Have you suffered from lots of cavities? We have too. One time, when Bri was younger, she went in for a check-up & guess how many cavities she had?  8!!!!!! I’m not even exaggerating! We were always so confused because she’s always been so great at taking care of her teeth. The doctors just assumed she had bad teeth. If they only knew.. You know how when you go to the dentist, they have pictures of the children who had a score of 100%-no cavities?  We always wanted to be those kids but couldn’t get there…hahaha!


Did you know that Celiac Disease (CD) is directly related to tooth decay? A couple reasons that support this is:
1- CD, being an autoimmune disease, could prevent teeth from developing normally.
2- CD, by definition, is the inability to absorb nutrients from certain foods which could include calcium & vitamin D, the building blocks of tooth enamel.
3- My thought is that your teeth could possibly react to gluten similarly to the way that your skin does. Because your body can’t tolerate gluten, it has an adverse affect on all of your tissues.

When Bri stopped eating gluten, she magically stopped getting cavities. Coincidence, I think NOT! Sometimes we wish we could go back in time & tell those doctors to look out for tooth abnormalities to give parents a heads up as to a possible explanation for why their child might have a strange amount of cavities. In recent studies, up to 70-80% of Celiac patients have some sort of tooth abnormality.


Since going off gluten, we have switched to Sensodyne toothpaste. We use Sensodyne Extra Whitening.


We didn’t switch to this because we couldn’t find a gluten free toothpaste. In fact, most toothpastes are already gluten free. We switched because our teeth have been noticeably sensitive when eating certain foods. Certain teeth couldn’t withstand cold temperatures. Also, when eating hard candy or gum, for whatever reason we would get tooth pain even though we did not have cavities. You see, over time, this lovely toothpaste relieves Dentin Hypersensitivity, most commonly known as tooth sensitivity. After about two weeks of using Sensodyne, our teeth can now withstand cold temperatures. We’ve noticed a significant decrease in sensitivity when chewing gum or hard candy, too! Thank you to our dear dentist who recommended Sensodyne! Yay for a happy smile! 

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  1. Julie
    | Reply

    Wow! I never had cavities until one random time in high school, I had 6! This happened after 4 years or so. They’d give me special tooth paste….didn’t help….I think I’m the only person in the world who actually flosses everyday! Didn’t get diagnosed with CD until after college. GF for 2.5 years now and cavity free ! It’s nice to know others had the same experience.

    • Brooke Roundy
      | Reply

      Wow! That’s how Bri was! She has always been so good about keeping her teeth clean! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I use Sensodyne because I have sensitive teeth, but I’m glad I now know what to look for in my daughter should anything come up later in her life.

    • Brooke Roundy
      | Reply

      Awesome! Thanks for your comment!

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