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Resist the Urge to Cheat

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Christmas is coming & we’ve already whipped out the candy thermometer. We’re SO excited to share our fun recipe’s with you! This is whats cookin’ now & you won’t need to resist the urge to cheat, either >> They are Gluten Free!


Look for the recipe this week!

BUT as fun as pigging out & eating all the gluten free treats you can get your hands on (No? Maybe that’s just us..), it’s important to remember to NOT CHEAT. Resist it! Resist the the urge to cheat! Resist…. You will most likely be surrounded by gluten filled foods & the temptation will be eminent. Why is it so important not to cheat, you ask? Well, we read this bomb dot com article the other day that explains why.

In her article, “Resist that Urge to Cheat,” Alice Bast explains that we have it harder than someone who is just on a typical diet:

“For the typical person, this type of cheating usually provokes a mental slap on the wrist and a half-hearted vow to be stronger next time. However, for someone with celiac disease, cheating carries far more severe consequences. It is critical that you avoid those foods that will make you sick.” 

So…. Just another annoying reminder that we have it harder than others.

As the article goes on, she brings up a fabulous point: You spend ALL year being as CAREFUL as you possibly can. Wiping up the crumbs before cooking, asking every question on the list to BE SURE it’s gluten free, only to undermine that strenuous effort at the end of the year, by cheating. BUT not only do you receive the immediate side effects from eating gluten, you can’t get away from the longer lasting side effects, such as delaying healing your gut & furthering your oh so not fun symptoms.

I LOVE what she say’s about the emotional battle, so we’re not even going to try & sum it up. We thought our fellow GFA members would love to hear it her own words.

“The Mental Battle

It takes a lot of willpower to decline your favorite holiday foods. While it’s easy to do so in your home by simply not making a dish, it’s hard to avoid the inviting smells when your cousin is serving up that food.

Then there’s the feeling of deprivation. You can no longer eat some of the foods you once enjoyed, and this is never more apparent than when you’re face-to-face with that nostalgic pumpkin pie.

Finding the willpower can be especially difficult for those who have no detectable symptoms of celiac disease, as one bite may not seem that harmful. Likewise for children who are too young to understand the consequences of eating a wheat-based dinner roll, even if it’s just once.

There’s no single formula for how to deal with these moments. Some reach for a safe, gluten-free option. Some recall memories of how bad they felt when they used to eat gluten, and how good they feel when they avoid it. Some eat before the party to reduce the risk of temptation.”

What helps her, is focusing on the yummy GF foods she CAN have. Her motto, “Instead of stewing in frustration, I put my energy toward looking on the bright side, sharing my own delicious food, and enjoying time with my family.”

Might we just cheer to her enthusiastic attitude! She makes a great point, as members of the GFA, we have to come to realize it’s all about putting our energy towards the happy side of what could be a sad situation!

If you DID cheat, she mentions what you should do next time:

“Find ways to distract yourself from stress. Keep gluten-free snacks in your bag so you’re never stuck without something to nosh on.”  This one is a huge one with us! It was #6 on our list of things to do when JUST diagnosed. “Buy Grandma a bag of gluten-free flour and show how to make her famous gravy safe for you to eat, too. You might even be surprised by how eager Grandma is to prepare something special. It is the holidays, after all.”

Let’s all make a commitment today to resist the urge to cheat this Christmas & get creative to find ways on taking care of our feelings when faced with the temptation of holiday goodies! 


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  1. Thanks for posting this! I definitely need this reminder during the holidays – thinking about how good I feel when I do eat this way really helps.

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      Thank you for your comment! I agree, when I think if how sick I feel afterwards, it definitely makes it easier to stay away from gluten!

  2. GiGi Eats Celebrities
    | Reply

    I have extraordinarily strong willpower, and thoughts on how sick I feel when I eat foods I cannot eat… Usually help further motivate me! lol!

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      That is awesome! I wish everyone had your willpower! Looks like the best way to avoid eating gluten is to think of how sick we get!! Thanks for your comment!!

  3. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats
    | Reply

    I am able to eat gluten but have given up wheat and now whenever I have anything with wheat my body tells me about it in such a bad way that it is definitely reason enough not to have it 😉

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      You poor thing. Sounds familiar though 😉 Yeah I agree. It just doesn’t seem like a great way to live, choosing to be sick just to enjoy a couple minutes.

  4. TrackBack
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    How do I start a website for free or cheap?

    • Brooke Roundy
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      My brother helped me set this one up and I know there are a lot of ways to get a website going. Try wix.com cuase it’s free!

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