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“They Probably Lied to You”

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Ok so funny story.

Bri & I went to Red Mango (a frozen yogurt place) the other night & had a Glupid Moment. We went to this place last year & they assured us the seasonal Apple Spice flavor was gluten free. So when we got up to the counter, Bri doing her thang, double checked & asked one of the girls if it was gluten free.

As we were licking our samples of Apple Spice, the girl to the right seemed very authoritative when she answered, “Nope, nothing here is gluten free.”

We looked at each other & we were like…. “Ok, so last year we were guaranteed that it was gluten free…. So it’s not anymore?”

The girl said, “Well they probably lied to you because we don’t have anything gluten free.  All of our products have milk in them….” (Yes she really said milk..)

Bri & I both interrupted at the same time & said, “Gluten is in wheat, not dairy.”

I feel bad because we both were so thrown off & not to mention freaked out that we just partook of poison, that when we informed the poor girl gluten was most definitely found in wheat, not dairy,  it might have come off a tad strong. The girl blushed & by that time, the girl to the left had started to look through the allergy book to check the ingredients.

The allergy book said that EVERYTHING was certified gluten free. To put the icing on the gluten free cake-  Turns out, they state that on their wall!


Moral of the story: If you have no idea what you’re talking about, you should probably not say anything so as to keep from FREAKING US OUT!






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  1. Gluten is not poison

    • Brooke Roundy
      | Reply

      You are absolutely correct! We have compared gluten to poison because it acts as poison to those whose body cannot digest it. When gluten is consumed by someone with Gluten Intolerance/Celiac Disease, it literally destroys the villi that lines the intestines, which prevents nutrient absorption. If you are not Gluten Intolerant or have Celiac Disease, gluten is harmless and adds wonderful qualities to many products.

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