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Pomegranate-Banana Smoothie

I think we’ve gone smoothie crazy over here! I’ve made so many in the past week, like this pomegranate-banana smoothie, that I think they are showing up in my dreams.. Our smoothies have saved us though. As a Celiac & gluten intolerant, Bri & I have our ups & downs throughout the day. When we go too long without food we go down. Sometimes our bodies just reject the things we’ve eaten regardless of it being healthy or not. We feel 1 million times better since eliminating gluten, but because of the outstanding complications of having Celiac, we still don’t have a “normal” immune system or digestive track. So, during those times we haven’t felt the best, or just needed a little pick me up, we just throw a bunch of healthy things in the blender & bam! We have this wonderful, healthy, nutrient filled, cup of energy.

Seriously. I was just feeling blah the other day & I didn’t have much energy, so I made a green smoothie. I immediately felt better. Not only was it cold & refreshing, it was nutrient dense & I was in dire need of it that day.

Yesterday, Bri & I came back from grocery shopping & we must not have had enough protein throughout the day because we were feeling so yucky when we got home. I whipped up a smoothie with greens & flax seeds & chia seeds & protein powder! With no sugar or unwanted ingredients. It was wonderful!  We felt so good afterwards. It was perfect. Bri said that when she goes to Jamba Juice, she feels guilty. Like she’s cheating or wasting money because she could just make it herself! It’s been such a blessing to have our Blendtec. I’m sure those of you who own one can agree. I can’t wait to see who will win our giveaway!

We wanted to provide you with recipes you can rely on. A smoothie that will lift your spirits & give you energy. It’s tangy & filled with good things.  This pomegranate-banana smoothie is dairy free, sugar free & gluten free. You get potassium form the banana, it’s high in antioxidants from the berries & pomegranate seeds & the spinach gives you iron. All this in a yummy drink! Who knew healthy could taste so good!?  Enjoy!

Pomegranate and Banana in Blendtec Blender

Place contents in a high powered blender starting with your liquids & ending with your solids.

Spinach in Blendtec Blender

Pomegranate-Banana Smoothie ingredients in Blendtec Blender

Smoothie Option Blendtec Blender

Press the “Smoothie” icon on your Blendtec. If you do not own a Blendtec, enter to win one. Haha! Just kidding.. Start with your low setting & work your way up to high.

Blending of Pomegranate-Banana Smoothie in Blendtec Blender

Blend until contents are well blended.

Pomegranate-Banana Smoothie

Pomegranate-Banana Smoothie

Pomegranate- Banana Smoothie
  • 1 C orange juice
  • 1 pomegranate (seeds)
  • 1 C frozen berries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 C spinach
  1. Place items in high powered blender in order listed.
  2. Press the "Smoothie" icon on your Blendtec. If you are using a standard blender, start with your low setting & work your way up to high.
  3. Blend until contents are well blended.


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    Looks so incredibly delicious! I desperately need to get to the grocery store and pick up those items (and many, many others), but it’s just so cold!!



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