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Pillsbury Gluten Free Line

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Pillsbury Gluten Free Line.

Nuff said.
This made us so happy we almost wanted to cry.  I’m pretty sure Bri did.. This is the text I got from her

Text message conversation about discovery of the Pillsbury Gluten Free Line

She also wrote this in our Stauss Girls Groupme convo.

Another text conversation about the discovery of the Pillsbury Gluten Free Line

Here’s the thing. We grew up on my moms home made chocolate chip cookies. I think that was the one thing that was made THE most in our house. She always gave us each a big spoon full of dough before she threw them in the oven. They were the best! So when we were diagnosed, we tried making her same recipe, gluten free. To get the right consistency, you have to use 5 CUPS of flour! 5 cups of your precious $16-a-bag, flour!! That costs way way too much for our taste. Not only is it super expensive, it was really hard to figure out how to make them just right. So we gave up. We’ve tasted other cookies that are yummy but nothing has been as good or easy or cheap. Until now!! Normally we aren’t for non-homemade cookies, but the pros outweigh the cons on this one!

Our local grocery store carries all three items from the Pillsbury Gluten Free Line:

Gluten free cookie dough
Gluten free pie crust
Gluten free pizza crust

I cant wait to try the others! Has anyone tried the other two from the Pillsbury Gluten Free Line? The cookie dough tastes super yummy & its really easy to make! I like mine really doughy, so I only put it in for the minimum- 11 mins. Have one or two for a midnight snack & your life will be made!

Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough Container

Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough

Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough Balls on Pan

Oh my gosh, this Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough is amazing

Freshly baked Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie Dough

More freshly baked Pillsbury Gluten Free Cookie dough

Even more freshly baked Pillsbury Gluten Free cookie dough

Brooke and Bri with a pan of freshly baked Pillsbury Gluten Free cookie dough

Ready to eat Pillsbury Gluten Free cookiesAll pictures were taken by Frozen Ivy

So, when are you going to try the Pillsbury Gluten Free Line, huh?



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  1. Heather
    | Reply

    Awesome…Ya it’s official, this Pillsbury stuff is life-changing. Ppl everywhere are raving!!
    I wish I could find the stuff in Canada.
    Fun Fact: I have a striped shirt just like yours from H&M;)

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      Oh no! They don’t sell it in Canada yet? You’ll have to try and smuggle some across the border 😉 That is so funny- I love that shirt. It’s so comfortable! I think we got it at old navy when I was in high school…. You know it’s a good shirt when you can still wear it YEARS later haha!!

  2. Morgan Mathews
    | Reply

    They have the cookie dough at Costco! You get two tubs for a really great price! Yummy!

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      Are you serious!!!? I’ll have to see if they sell it at ours!! Thank you SO much for the tip!!

  3. El bocado de la huerta
    | Reply

    Bien facilitas.
    Un saludito

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      Thank you!

  4. I Will Come Home
    | Reply

    You can also find it at Walmart. I’ve also had the pizza crust – the chocolate chip cookie dough is better in my opinion!


    • Brooke
      | Reply

      I bet it’s pretty cheap at Walmart too! And good to know about the pizza crust! I haven’t heard much about it. Thank you for your comment!!

  5. Andrea
    | Reply

    The pie crust is really good as well, better than any of the other pre-made pie crusts I have tried. It was a hit with even those who are not gluten free in our house.

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      Wow! That is great to know! I love that it’s such a fast and easy alternative! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Coop
    | Reply

    I made these cookies for a party. Everyone ate them up fast. So yummy 🙂

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      OH good!! So easy and oh so fast!!! Thank you for your comment!!

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