The Gluten Summit


Guys! I was told about this yesterday by our lovely fellow GF/DF friend, Heidi. This is awesome & it’s only free till Nov 17, so I had to get this out asap! “Dr. O’bryan of has gathered 29 of the world’s experts & opinion leaders on the topics of … Read More

Gluten Free Powdered Donuts- Yeah, they do exist!


Remember Hostess Donettes? You know, the ones your dad would pick up for breakfast during road trips? Well, they’re certainly not as cheap, but… We found some GLUTEN FREE ONES!!! You can thank us later! In case you are curious about what they look like right out of the box: … Read More

Gobble Gobble


Did you know some meats have gluten in them? Various brands  cook their meats with gluten seasonings or inject them with proteins that contain gluten.  The “natural flavor” that’s listed in the ingredients often contain gluten as well. So, make sure to get a gluten free turkey for your Thanksgiving … Read More

Getting Started on the Gluten Free Lifestyle in 6 Steps


The first couple days of getting off gluten can be challenging. About three days prior to getting diagnosed, I literally went grocery shopping & stocked up on snacks, all of which had gluten. It was really sad. I had my bread, goldfish, ritz crackers, Costco muffins, chips, & a few … Read More

Pass the Gravy


Lots of gravies contain gluten! That beautiful consistency is a byproduct of  gluten thickeners. The silly thing is, there are OTHER ways to thicken gravy. You can use cornstarch, for example!  So guess what that means!? If you get creative, you can have gravy on those mashed potatoes!! You have … Read More



Things have been a little crazy this week but we survived! It was this beauty’s birthday yesterday! One thing you have to know about Bri is she has the biggest heart, EVER. I haven’t met another person more concerned for other people’s feelings, than Bri. She often forgets to take … Read More

Gluten Free Expo 2013


The Gluten Free Expo.  Yeah- that’s us on the front page!! We’re wearing these cute chicken hats from Gold’n Plump‘s booth. Our first time at the expo was the second year it was held. We had JUST been diagnosed, so we didn’t really know what to expect. There were TONS … Read More

A Sigh of Relief


A gluten free Thanksgiving is definitely achievable but you need to know the cans & can’ts! We’ll tell you why: The Thanksgiving following our diagnoses left us all scrambling for gluten free/dairy free alternatives & an even bigger emotional problem…. The thought of going without our favorite Thanksgiving dishes was burning … Read More

“They Probably Lied to You”


Ok so funny story. Bri & I went to Red Mango (a frozen yogurt place) the other night & had a Glupid Moment. We went to this place last year & they assured us the seasonal Apple Spice flavor was gluten free. So when we got up to the counter, … Read More

9 Basic Need to Know’s About Gluten


What you usually find when searching  information on Celiac Disease, is a picture of a nice, big, beautiful loaf of gluten filled bread. Or fluffy pizza crust. Or doughnuts. It’s almost like you can taste that doughy texture you miss so much. Are you kidding me!?  Why do people do … Read More

5 Reasons Why We Started This Blog


1- We want to help others like us who are new to the whole gluten free thing to see the light. Guys- its not the end of the world. No matter how hard it is to stomach the idea that you can’t have gluten, I promise…. it gets better! (No … Read More

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