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The Best Gluten Free Skin Care Routine and Giveaway!

Guys. We found an amazing gluten free skin care regime a little over a year ago. We are in LOVE and we’ve been dying to share it with you!

ES6A8134-edit-sizedI’m sure, as all of you fellow gluten intolerant/Celiac’s can relate, skin issues are just one of those things that come with the territory. We remember the year before we were diagnosed, we were having the absolute worst problems with our skin.

We had been on Accutane, back when we were in high school, and that seemed to clear everything up for a while. But right up to we were diagnosed in 2011, we seriously considered going back on it because it was THAT bad. We had extremely dry skin and lots and lots and lots and lots of “problematic spots” all over our faces.

Since being diagnosed it’s been extremely difficult to find gluten free skin care products. We honestly haven’t tried much until recently because our skin started freaking out again.

We thought we would get down to business and see if we were breaking out as a result of the products we had been using.



We’ve tried a couple different face lotions including one from Desert Essence. It’s great because it has a matte finish so it sucks up all the oils and gives your skin a great polished look with no oily shine.

But eventually our skin must have acclimated and we found that we needed more hydration. Also, we couldn’t handle the smell any more. It has a very earthy-herby smell.

We tried Mary Kay’s Botonical line which we loved for a while but I was getting really mixed signals on whether or not it was gluten free. In the end it just didn’t quite make it for us. It was missing something.

I used coconut oil as a cleanser which worked alright. I still occasionally use it but it’s not my favorite as far as an every day cleanser. Working with oil is harder than working with an actual cream cleanser.

Bottom line. We were in need of something good.


We heard about Arbonne at the Gluten Free Expo, well over a year ago. A beautiful lady was running a booth displaying a bunch of high-end skin care products that were all gluten free. We tried the hand cream and about fell in love.

She gave us her card and contacted us several times throughout the next few months. We had a hard time narrowing down a time for her to come over but once we got desperate enough about our faces falling apart, (Bri said she couldn’t put it off any longer!) we set up an appointment.

Her daughter came over and gave us a little facial. We couldn’t get over how fabulously wonderful our skin felt, days after. We were given a few samples and loved the feel of our skin each day. So we called her up and put in our first huge order. It’s a decision we haven’t regretted.


ES6A8128-edit-sizedBri should be an eyebrow model, right?


FC5 is our all time favorite line from Arbonne. We tried their most popular line, RE9, but it was too much for our sensitive skin. That line is specifically formulated for older skin. The FC5 line is formulated for younger skin, our perfect match.

We use every single one of these products every day. We are OBSESSED with how they make our skin look and feel. They are on the pricey end but skin care is something we feel is worth the investment.

We would never share a product with you unless it we were happy with it ourselves. We’ve been using the product for almost a year now and have absolutely no plans to switch to something different. You have to give it a try if you are having issues with your skin.


Cleanser: Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener

Exfoliant: Exfoliating New Cell Scrub

Face lotion: Normal/Dry Skin- Nurturing Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen
Oily Skin- Oil-Absorbing Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen

Night Cream: Moisturizing Night Creme

Another one just because we love it: Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme


Dying to try some for yourself? Watch out because you might get as hooked as we are :).

Click here to find out more information



For every item purchased, you will be entered to win:

(1) Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme

(1) Lipstick color of your choice

That is $50 value! Giveaway starts today and ends December 18, 2015.

One winner will be chosen.

Good luck!