How to go Gluten Free Guide

Welcome to our how to go gluten free guide.

Finding out you have Celiac Disease or Gluten intolerance is not fun.

The freshly diagnosed are confused, flustered, or flat out don’t know where to turn. Those of us who are veterans and have known for years still have problems navigating all the complexities this auto-immune disease adds to our daily lives.

We know how it feels. We’ve been there. It’s not fun (Read Our Story and the 5 Reasons Why We Started this Blog to learn more about our experience).

We’ve developed this 12 step guide in hopes it will help those who are newly diagnosed, or those who are exploring more options for their gluten free diet needs. We sure wish we had a single place to turn to for information when we first were diagnosed.

The How to Go Gluten Free Guide

TL;DR – for those who just need a quick-start guide, refer to Getting Started on the Gluten Free Lifestyle in 6 Steps or Celiac Disease Foundation’s Quick Start Guide.

The How to Go Gluten Free guide is broken out into 12 steps (listed below). These steps have been carefully thought out and cover nearly all the major areas a gluten free lifestyle affects. You can expect a detailed guide for each step and can even dive deeper by reviewing the additional blog posts. We will constantly be updating, adding, and supplementing this guide as we learn new things. If you have any suggestions or feel this guide is missing anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here!

The Steps