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Did you know some meats have gluten in them? Various brands  cook their meats with gluten seasonings or inject them with proteins that contain gluten.  The “natural flavor” that’s listed in the ingredients often contain gluten as well. So, make sure to get a gluten free turkey for your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

These Top Thanksgiving Turkey Brands ARE Gluten Free!TURKEYS-2
Butterball:  All whole turkeys are gluten free. As they state on their website, “Tender & juicy, Butterball Frozen Whole Turkey’s are all natural, gluten free, & raised without hormones on American farms, giving you the highest quality turkey for your holiday meal.”

Perdue:  All whole turkeys are gluten free. They have a gluten free list that states, ” All fresh, minimally processed chicken & turkey whole birds & parts (legs, breast, wings, & giblets) are gluten free.”

Empire Kosher: They have a lengthy gluten free list as well, including certified organic, gluten free turkeys!

Norbest: All turkey products are gluten free. In their FAQ they state, “Our turkeys contain no gluten or gluten-derivatives from wheat, oats, barley, or rye.”

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