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The Gluten Summit

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Guys! I was told about this yesterday by our lovely fellow GF/DF friend, Heidi. This is awesome & it’s only free till Nov 17, so I had to get this out asap!

“Dr. O’bryan of theDr.com has gathered 29 of the world’s experts & opinion leaders on the topics of gluten-related disorders & nutrition & healthy living for a series of online interviews….”  Each doctor /expert takes some time discussing specific aspects of gluten related issues, from a scientific standpoint. This is FREE education for YOUR benefit. You can learn SO SO much about all things gluten.

My favorite part about this whole thing is Dr. O’Bryan’s goal:

“The goal of The Gluten Summit is to shift the scientific discussion & clinical recognition of gluten-related disorders forward by five years. Meaning, we want the conversation that will be happening five years from now to happen now.”

I applaud Dr. O’Bryan! If Bri went to doctors who knew what Celiac Disease was & what to look  for, her life would have been immensely different. She wouldn’t have gone 17 years feeling sick, wondering what was wrong. Who knows what current problems would have been avoided had she known to remove gluten from her diet for all those years. I would have loved to known what I had for the three years I felt excruciatingly lethargic & flat.  Celiac Disease is one of the biggest misdiagnosed diseases out there. If doctors were well educated & aware, the quality of life of many could be improved significantly. Extensive research on gluten is JUST beginning & we can’t expect our doctors to know EVERYTHING, but this is something that is so prevalent & manifests itself in a myriad of ways that doctors MUST know to look for it!

Take some time to explore the doctors / experts background & history. Visit their websites. Look for answers to your questions. They are great resources. Knowing the practical ways about how to get along in this world with a gluten intolerance is great but learning in-depth information about what is actually going on chemically in your body is invaluable knowledge that will help you understand more about how to help yourself day to day. The G. I. Joe’s said it best, “knowing is half the battle.”

Each video is only aired for 24 hours. They go a day at a time & we’ve already missed the first 3 days; such a bummer. Take some time & learn from these guys. If you missed it & are super desperate to watch, you can order it for around 70 bucks. That’s why its so incredible to take this chance to learn what you can while its free. 😉

I’d love to hear what you learned! I hope to share what I’ve learned throughout this series, with you all too!


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