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Gluten Free “Fig Newton”

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Gluten Free Fig Newton - Figgies & Jammies

Sometimes food isn’t just something you eat. Sometimes it messes more with your emotions than simply curbing hunger. Food is emotional. Whenever I go through a rough day, one of my favorite ways to feel better is to get a treat (and with a toddler, this might happen more than I am willing to admit). When I do something hard or that is worth rewarding, food always comes to my rescue.  Aaandddd then there’s the popular escape: eating instead of facing problems! Can’t we all relate?

Food is often something we turn to in times of stress, when we need comfort, and when we’re in need of a reward. I think one of the hardest things bri & I had to give up was not necessarily the food itself, but the emotional attachment we have to things we love. Who doesn’t love food? Food connects us to moments in time such as our childhood or special events or shared experiences with people we love.
Gluten Free Fig Newton

Gluten Free Fig Newton - Figgies & Jammies

We grew up on Fig Newtons. Not only did we enjoy these sweet little delights growing up, it is something that will always remind us of our dad. To this day, he travels with his figs. In fact, the last time he came into town I saw some in his car. Fig Newtons just hold a special place in our hearts because they bring back memories of road trips and fun times with him. Not to mention when he has them around we start to crave those tasty treasures.

The 2+ years we’ve been off gluten has been a VERY rewarding road, but that’s not to say it hasn’t had its sad moments. I mean how do you not go through some form of depression or separation anxiety? You’re parting with one of your best friends who have literally always been around! It’s. So. Hard. So, I would just like to commend you all for being so amazing! You all deserve to be told how awesome you are for abstaining from gluten and frankly, it’s tough and we don’t hear it enough! So good job!

We found the perfect substitute for a Fig Newton craving at Sprout’s!!

Pamela’s Figgies and Jammies – Gluten Free Fig Newtons:

Figgies & Jammies

Now, we haven’t tasted Fig Newtons in a really long time but we are willing to state that these are BETTER!  I know that’s putting a lot of confidence in these babies. Seriously though. They are so good. The problem with being deprived of some of our favorite gluten things is that once we find a replacement, we kind of go crazy & OD a little. It totally happened. But hey, we have to make up for lost time, right? 2 years is far too long to go without! So there, now you can enjoy a “gluten free Fig Newton!” If your local gluten free supplier does not carry them, try talking to the manager to see what options are available to you!

Gluten Free Fig Newton - Figgies & Jammies

Gluten Free Fig Newton - Figgies & Jammies

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