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Gluten Free Expo 2013

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The Gluten Free Expo.  Yeah- that’s us on the front page!! We’re wearing these cute chicken hats from Gold’n Plump‘s booth.

Our first time at the expo was the second year it was held. We had JUST been diagnosed, so we didn’t really know what to expect. There were TONS of booths & a lot to take in. We had to take breaks & sit down because it was a lot of walking & we had just started on our road to recovery; so we were still pretty lethargic. Now, we always go together & it’s such a fun sister day to get out of the house & treat ourselves! It’s our new Christmas. This FABULOUS event is marked on our calendar earlier than any other event!  There are TONS of free samples, giveaways, & doctors give information on living gluten free!

These pics were taken last year. We had to wear our chicken hats! We wore them the first year we went & they put our picture up on the website! We feel super privileged! ; ) Oh, & Brooke was nearly 5 months pregnant so don’t mind the bulge….

 GF-Convention-3 GF-Convention-2 GF-Convention-4

This year we went right after we ran a 5k. It was called the Hit N Run– they have obstacles like in the TV Show, Wipe Out. It was way fun! We were a little late & didn’t get to go to the classes. Brooke had her little man-cub with her, so it made it a little difficult to get pics, but we got one!


If there are expo’s near you, even little ones held by your natural foods stores, GO! It’s the cheapest & fastest way to know if a product is good or not. We’ll tell ya why!

There’s always representatives from the company who knows about the product to ask questions.

There’s either a sample or a take home sample, meaning they provide a little taste of the product you get to try at the booth OR, if it’s something like a bar, sometimes they’ll let you take it home! For free!

You don’t have to buy the product to know if it’s something you’ll like or not. Most times we will go & find products we didn’t even know existed! It adds variety to your normal hunt for groceries & you get to discover things that might not be sold in your grocery store.

We’ll be sharing some of our discoveries– good & bad– with you! We wish we had time to write about every single thing, but it’s the biggest Gluten Free Expo out there so we’ll have to cover it gradually!




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  1. I love this! I didn’t even know there was a gluten free expo like this and I’ve been gluten free for almost 10 years! It looks like lots of fun! Do you know if there are any close to Reno?

    • Brooke Roundy
      | Reply

      Hey Christie! Unfortunately we do not know of any Gluten Free Expo’s back home, in Reno. The GF Expo here IS traveling next year, so they will be going to LA, Raleigh, & Boise.

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