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gluten free expo 2015

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Wow, what an amazing event! I LOVE the Gluten Free Expo and it didn’t disappoint! Seriously, if you didn’t get a chance to go this year, there’s always next year! It’s around this time every. Single. Year.


There were so many booths I loved, it’s hard to remember every one. I snapped pictures of my favorites so I could share them with you!

First off though, I want to mention our beautiful friend, Debbie Deaver. The expo wouldn’t be possible without this lovely lady and she really is so lovely. Thank you, thank you for making yet another expo, fabulous! So glad we got to see you!- Be sure to “like” their Facebook page so you get notified of the next one!


Second, we got to see the absolutely gorgeous, Carol, the founder of Simply Gluten Free. I look forward to seeing her every year. The magazine subscription we got last year was so fun! I really enjoyed getting those magazines in the mail and I have a beautiful stack right next to my recipe books :).



I also had the pleasure of meeting the amazing, Rachel Carlyle Edington, from Gluten Free Mama. If you haven’t tried her all purpose almond blend, you need to, it’s amazing.

We met another fun and unexpected personality, Naga, the gluten detective, and her owner, Rebecca Haacke. She can sniff out gluten! She was the sweetest dog and her owner was really fun to talk to. We just happened to see her around the General Mill’s booth. We shared a few jokes to ourselves but left the workers alone.



Our top favorite find was the chicken bouillon by Shirley J. We’ve been tired of trying to find the knorr boxes that don’t include barley. Sometimes, depending on the size of the box, you can find boxes without barley, but it gets tricksy. Also, they aren’t certified so we were taking a risk every time we used them. So, we sampled this chicken, onion, and mushroom, and let me tell you my heart sang! They taste amazing and they will last a while! Can’t wait to start cooking!



I need to mention the lemon squares. Last time we got a horrible picture of the package of these lemon squares and my mom talked about them all year and how she wished she bought a package. So, naturally, since they were there, she ordered two huge family packages! It’s going to be a goooood holiday season :).

Another one (that I didn’t get a picture of) is Gluten Free Heaven doughnuts. Oh my flipping heaven I can’t even tell you how good these are. I owe at least five pounds just to them, no joke! Haha! I will be talking more about these in the future but for now, just do yourself a favor and get some. You’ll thank me.

Brazi bites were a huge hit with my taste buds. Bri worked at a restaurant called Tucanos, an all you can eat Brazilian grill. If you haven’t been, come on over to UT and bring your stretchy pants. Amazing. Anyway, they have their famous cheese bread and everyone dies over them. You know the story, they aren’t gluten free. These are better. I kid you not. And I can have them at home?! Even better! Get the original, garlic, or peppered jack.



Another one of our favorites, that we actually found at a local grocery store (and was at the expo), is Full Circle’s Spice Cake. No need for icing, it’s so good just the way it is. We add two more apples than it calls for :).

Bri is OBSESSED with cheese cake. No joke. I can’t even tell you how many times she sneaks off to Red Lobster to get a slice of their crust-less gluten free cheese cake. These personal cheesecakes were so refreshing to taste because they come WITH crust! Yum!

This was a really good banana and pumpkin bread from My Grandpas Farm. It was also super moist and dense! They were so yummy! Plus, I just really liked the people behind the booth :). They seem like a really solid family.


These are all of our samples (four people’s worth). And that’s a wrap! Be sure to look at last year’s fabulous finds! 


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