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Gluten Free Caramel Ice Cream

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Sigh of Relief gluten free caramel ice cream get it?

Home made ice cream is so much better than store bought ice cream. Am I right!? It is always such a treat when we get to partake of the deliciousness that is ice cream. Unfortunately…. If you remember our glupid story from last week  you know very well that we can’t hardly have it because it makes us feel not so well. So we save up & only have a little at Thanksgiving. But it’s so worth it! My all time favorite flavor is my grandma’s caramel! Here’s the recipe.

Gluten Free Caramel Ice Cream

4 junket rennet tablets
Cold water
2 3/4 cups sugar
2 whipping cream
8 cup milk

Dissolve junkets & 1/4 cup cold water & set aside. Caramelize 1 cup sugar on high heat until foamy. Add 1/3 cup water to caramelized sugar; turn medium heat & stir until lump is gone.

Heat whipping cream, 2 cups sugar & milk on medium heat until it feels almost hot (inside of wrist); remove from heat & quickly stir in junket rennet mixture. Pour in freezer canister & let sit for 10 minutes, without moving. It can be chilled overnight or frozen immediately. Makes 1 gallon


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  1. Hannah Green
    | Reply

    Hey, Firstly I want to say thankyou for following my blog 🙂 so kind!
    Secondly thankyou so so much again as this now means i have found you and this blog is
    perfect for me. I am really struggling at the moment with this so to actually get yummy food etc like this
    really means the world. It’s hannah by the way lovely to meet you 😉 can;t wait to read more.

    Please come and say hey on twitter @lockedinabow xx

    • Brooke Roundy
      | Reply

      Hi Hannah! Nice to meet you too 😉 Thank you for stopping by! Btw, we love your blog! It’s not easy living gluten free! And finding yummy gluten free food can be so hard! We are so glad to help & we are here for you!

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