Gluten + Stupid = Glupid Moments

Everyone who’s gluten free has these moments where they are either ordering food or a friend is asking how on earth we live without eating gluten. This is for the ill informed, those stupid situations where you just want to bang your head against the wall.

When we were first diagnosed, we were very frustrated, defensive and angry that we even had to deal with thesesituations. After a little while we started laughing it off. Whats life if you cant laugh about it!

We’d like to share our every day “Glupid Moments” to bring you humor, make your day, or maybe just make you realize that your not alone and we all witness Glupid Moments.

DISCLAIMER: This is not to make fun of people who don’t know what gluten is. We’re turning those victim emotions, humorous.

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The Un-Fair Factor

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I have severely neglected the Glupid Moments category in my blog, which is crazy, because I, like you, experience them each and every day. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t feel the negative or positive effects of gluten sensitivity. It has changed my whole life regardless … Read More

Gluten Free Expo 2014

posted in: Glupid Moments | 4

Two weekends ago we were able to attend the nations largest Gluten Free Expo for the fourth time.There are many healthy food items exhibited at the expo along with foods that are processed. But if you’re looking for replacements for comfort food you can no longer have, this is a … Read More

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