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Gingerbread Beauty

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Alright! The big reveal. First things first though. I have to be honest…. This was SO fun! I have NEVER made anything gingerbread before. Ever. So it was really fun making this from scratch, not to mention GLUTEN FREE & having it turn out so great. I give Pamela’s Gluten Free Gingerbread Recipe a big A+.

Anyway, I know you all have been DYING to see it.. Just kidding, I’m sure it wasn’t even suspenseful at all.  Actually I’m glad it wasn’t because I am really NOT the best gingerbread house maker that ever lived. Whenever I got asked out on dates (back in the day, Bri currently. I’m writing this as Brooke but it totally relates to Bri in the present. Confused yet?) I was never super thrilled to hear that we would be making them 1. It’s totally not up my ally to construct something out of cookie, frosting & candy. 2. I don’t feel like I’m creative nor do I feel like I can make something look pretty. So back to what I was saying, I’m glad your expectations weren’t set too high. Here goes!

 So remember, here are our four walls & roof cut outs.ginger bread cut outs

We put up all four walls, one at a time.2013-12-12-20.51.37

Then we put on the roof 🙂
This is our fellow Gluten Free Anonymous Member, Little Gingy!

We decorated the heck out of his cute house! I didn’t have to buy any candy for this (except for the candy canes)! I just used what we had in our candy drawer. I think we may need to clean that out more often…. (FYI, I live with a gluten eater so if you see candy that has gluten, I’m sorry in advance for the temptation.)
Yeah, that’s right. G.F.A. Way to represent, Little Gingy!


We had a couple bites of the cookies & they were actually pretty good!



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  1. andy
    | Reply

    this looks like fun!!, I have never done this, totally doing it this year 🙂

    • Brooke
      | Reply

      Thanks Andy! We’d love to see pics to see how it turns out!

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