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Celiac Awareness Month

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How exciting to have a month dedicated to the lovely curse we deal with! If you are new to our site, welcome! As I was folding laundry yesterday I was skimming through channels when I saw that Katy Couric was talking about Celiac Disease. In the recent  past I have seen her feature information about Celiac Disease! I LOVE that! Way to raise awareness & educate the public, Katy! Even though it’s sometimes annoying when people think it’s a fad or individuals go gluten free to join said fad, any & all attention is good for us. The more people know about this epidemic, the more options will become available through increased education!

So I thought I would share the little segment from yesterday. She interviewed Jennifer Esposito who was diagnosed in 2009. She has since written a book & opened a killer bakery in NYC called Jennifer’s Way Bakery, offering everything from gluten free bagels & birthday cakes to healthier alternatives for cupcakes. The next time I’m in NYC, I most definitely will stop by (but let’s be honest, when will I make it over to NYC?)!

Katy Couric: Jennifer Esposito’s Battle with Celiac Disease

(click here if you can’t see the video)

Also, in honor of “our month,” we have a fun giveaway coming up, so stay tuned!



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  1. kim l
    | Reply

    I learned about you and your website this month and bring celiac I love to learn new things!I bet these crackers taste great!

    • Brooke Roundy
      | Reply

      Awesome, welcome!! Thank you for your comment! These crackers are seriously the best!!

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