It’s That Time Of Year Again!

The nations BIGGEST gluten free expo is almost here and  the lovely people at the expo gave us 3 pairs of tickets to give away! Every October, some amazing people put on our favorite event of the year. We have gone four times, starting within the first weeks of being … Read More

The “Glutened” First Aid Kit

You are asleep. You wake up with that feeling. You know the one. You’ve been poisoned somehow. From that moment you realize it’s going to be A LONG night spent on a cold tile floor next to your favorite porcelain receptacle. First, let me clarify by saying that I never … Read More

Xanthan Gum vs Guar Gum: 9 Things to Know

Gum, anyone? When I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, I remember looking up how to make chocolate chip cookies & one of the ingredients was Xanthan Gum. Luckily my mother in law had provided me with some already & I was able to make them. Word to the wise- do … Read More

What is Gluten?

We here at Gluten Free Anonymous have felt recently that we need to delve a little more into the basics & science of gluten and what it does to our systems. While most of our informational articles will be tailored for the gluten-free newbie, we hope they are informative & … Read More

Some Advice

Hey y’all! We hope you had a fabulous weekend and start to your week! We wanted to share our response to a friend who wrote in for some advice. She has been struggling with fatigue, feeling sick all the time, and anxiety. She has decided to do her own test … Read More

How To Call The Manufacturer

Because we are so special & have to quadruple check EVERYTHING we eat, we get to call manufacturers on a regular basis!! How do you know if you need to call a product manufacturer? If you look through the ingredients & see one that you are unfamiliar with. If it … Read More

Your Ultimate Valentine’s Day Candy Guide

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! We hope you are having a great day & you’re not too stressed about getting everything done before your dates! Just in case you need a last minute treat, we compiled Your Ultimate Valentine’s Day Candy Guide! We’ve called a few candy companies, looked up their … Read More

Learning From A Pro

While I was in AZ, I was able to sit down with an extremely talented Pastry Chef. Her name is Dolores Fritzsche. She studied at Le Courdon Bleu in London, England.  Her son is one of Colby’s best friends. Dolores works as a Chef/Instructor at Pima Community College in Tucson, AZ … Read More

Common Gluten Terms to Know

Knowledge is power. At least that’s how the old adage goes. We believe it is very important to understand the most common gluten terms/phrases & ingredients when learning about gluten, gluten intolerance, and celiac disease. This is why we’d like to present the formation of our Gluten Glossary. For many … Read More

Resist the Urge to Cheat

Christmas is coming & we’ve already whipped out the candy thermometer. We’re SO excited to share our fun recipe’s with you! This is whats cookin’ now & you won’t need to resist the urge to cheat, either >> They are Gluten Free! Look for the recipe this week! BUT as … Read More

The Gluten Summit

Guys! I was told about this yesterday by our lovely fellow GF/DF friend, Heidi. This is awesome & it’s only free till Nov 17, so I had to get this out asap! “Dr. O’bryan of has gathered 29 of the world’s experts & opinion leaders on the topics of … Read More

Getting Started on the Gluten Free Lifestyle in 6 Steps

The first couple days of getting off gluten can be challenging. About three days prior to getting diagnosed, I literally went grocery shopping & stocked up on snacks, all of which had gluten. It was really sad. I had my bread, goldfish, ritz crackers, Costco muffins, chips, & a few … Read More

Gluten Free Expo 2013

The Gluten Free Expo.  Yeah- that’s us on the front page!! We’re wearing these cute chicken hats from Gold’n Plump‘s booth. Our first time at the expo was the second year it was held. We had JUST been diagnosed, so we didn’t really know what to expect. There were TONS … Read More

A Sigh of Relief

A gluten free Thanksgiving is definitely achievable but you need to know the cans & can’ts! We’ll tell you why: The Thanksgiving following our diagnoses left us all scrambling for gluten free/dairy free alternatives & an even bigger emotional problem…. The thought of going without our favorite Thanksgiving dishes was burning … Read More

9 Basic Need to Know’s About Gluten

What you usually find when searching  information on Celiac Disease, is a picture of a nice, big, beautiful loaf of gluten filled bread. Or fluffy pizza crust. Or doughnuts. It’s almost like you can taste that doughy texture you miss so much. Are you kidding me!?  Why do people do … Read More

5 Reasons Why We Started This Blog

1- We want to help others like us who are new to the whole gluten free thing to see the light. Guys- its not the end of the world. No matter how hard it is to stomach the idea that you can’t have gluten, I promise…. it gets better! (No … Read More

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