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Avenue Bakery

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I have a secret. Well, Bri discovered it. So, really it’s her secret. But for real, it’s the best kept secret in Utah County. 
If you live in Utah County (sorry non-locals!) and haven’t been to Avenue Bakery in American Fork, Wow. You need to go. NOW!

Here are just a few things you’ve been missing out on:

Almond Poppy Seed Muffin Tops- Yes, you too can have your Costco almond poppy seed muffin fix. Seriously every time I go into Costco, I crave them. That’s almost 6 years missing out on those! Yes, my thighs are happier about them, but when it’s taken away from you, you want it even more, am I right?? 

Brownies that taste like Hostess Cupcakes- One of the many things I miss, is randomly getting those two chocolate cupcakes. After I trying these brownies, I now know exactly where to go when I get that craving! 

Snickerdoodles- Oh my yummy! They are big, thick and CHEWY! Seriously so good. They hardly last for more than a day when we get them!  

Cream Puffs- They are sooooo good! I haven’t had a cream puff since before I was diagnosed! Guys, I am telling you! This bakery is your craving’s answer to prayer! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies- Ok. Pillsbury stopped selling their gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough and now that we can’t get them, we are back to craving them on the regular. Cause and effect at its finest. These taste pretty dang close to them and they are soft and chewy. Obviously that’s what we are all about over here! 

Eclair- That chocolate icing though! So amazing! Im more of a cream puff lady because eclairs are so rich but they are so amazing to munch on! 

Please do yourself a favor and go out and get something you’ve been craving! It would make my heart so happy! 

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