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9 Gluten Free Food Bars You Cannot Live Without

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We’ve tried a lot of gluten free food bars, the good and the bad. Wasted lots and lots of money on them too. We decided to share some of the ones we love and buy constantly. If it’s not on here, I’m sure we’ve tired it, we just might not have liked it very much. So lets get started!

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Balance Bars

We loved Balance Bars ever since our pre-gluten-free days. They have a couple certified gluten free bars that we honestly have not tried but they look fabulous. Although it is not one of their certified gluten free bars, our favorite is the Yogurt Honey Peanut. There is a cross contamination issue but gluten/wheat are not one of the ingredients (we called). So it just depends on your sensitivity and standard.

Kind Bars

These were one of the first we tried at the Gluten Free Expo a few years ago. They have a variety of yummy bars but our all time fave is the Dark Chocolate Nuts Sea Salt. Almonds, peanuts, and walnuts mixed with dark chocolate and sea salt? I mean you can’t go wrong with that combo.

That’s It!

A recent find and seriously I am in love. Each bar has 2 ingredients- that’s it! Every bar has apple and another fruit like mango, cherry, apricot, banana, blueberry. They are so good- like fruit leather but the bar version. I have tried almost every flavor and I have not been disappointed.

Chocolate Mint Fiber Bars

We found this at one of the doctor office’s Bri went to during some testing. I think you can only order them? Anyway, they are freaking good. They taste like Almond Joys but they are packed with GOOD things, like 14 grams of fiber for each bar!

Nogii Bars

This was another one we tried when we were first diagnosed. They are energy bars packed with protein and taste like candy bars. Sometimes I get a little sugared out when I eat these but over all I like them and they have a huge variety of flavors.

Quest Bars

We tried these when we met Drew Manning at the gluten free expo. These are protein bars to the max. They have minimal sugar and are packed with protein, which makes them super great if you’re on the go, just plain hungry, or after a workout. We are dying to try the chocolate chip cookie dough and S’mores but so far our favorite is the chocolate brownie. There are a ton of flavors we haven’t tried yet, there are so many options!

Pamela’s Whenever Bars

These are so so wonderful for a breakfast, on-the-go, bar! Like everything with Pamela’s, they taste homemade and are just downright yummy. Our favorite flavor is oat blueberry lemon.


So these aren’t my most favorite bars, but Bri and my son Kaden love them. They sell them at Costco too! They are a rice puff bar with peanuts and chocolate drizzled over the top. Great for an afternoon snack.

Bobo’s Oat Bar

Our absolute latest find is from Good Earth. It’s kind of funny because Bri and I were just talking about how much we missed Aussie Bites from Costco. Not sure if any of you remember them or tried them before you got diagnosed, but we would go through cartons. It wasn’t good because they had lots of fiber…haha! Anyway, one day we were saying that we wanted to find a recipe for them and the next day Bri ended up trying the lemon poppy seed from Bobo’s. Soon after, I got this text with a picture of the bar, “Sooooo good!!!! Aussie Bites <heart eyes smiley face.>” Nuff said!



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