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3rd Gluten Free-Aversary

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Well, our Gluten Free-Aversary rolled around this past September and..we have had so much going on that we haven’t been able to celebrate it till now. The first year we got a Red Lobster Cheescake slice and last year for our 2nd Gluten Free-Aversary Bri and I celebrated by going to Sushi! Woohoo, right? Moving up.

For those of you who haven’t been with us since last year we do this thing where we actually celebrate our gluten free-ness! It’s super hard to make the lifestyle change and we think it is something to celebrate when you’ve made it yet another year without cheating, or just made it in general!

This year we went to a restaurant here in Utah called Brio. It’s a Tuscan grill and they have super yummy food! They’ve got a limited gluten free menu (when compared to the big one) but what they have is super good.


The Pasta BRIO was amazing! Not to throw anyone under the bus but I’ve been to some restaurants that carry gluten free noodles and I swear they offer the cheapest tasting pasta they could find! This pasta was GOOD. Didn’t even taste GF.

ES6A7446-editWe also shared the Salmon Griglia Salad. On point!



Bri was determined to have their Creme Brulee. It was one of the best I’d had! ES6A7457-edit



Over all, the atmosphere and experience was so pleasant. We look forward to celebrating our Gluten Free-Aversary every year. It helps us recognize how hard we’ve worked at keeping our bodies healthy.  Why not celebrate?


What do you do to celebrate your Gluten Free-Aversary?



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