Avenue Bakery
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I have a secret. Well, Bri discovered it. So, really it’s her secret. But for real, it’s the best kept secret in Utah County.  If you live in Utah County (sorry non-locals!) and haven’t been to Avenue Bakery in American Fork, Wow. You need to go. NOW! Here are just … Read More

We. Are. Back. 
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Hello everyone! Wow. It’s been a while…like over a year. Time seriously flies. I decided I needed to take a little break from blogging, but a little break became a month, then six months, and now here we are.  I started a couple of extra ventures in my life, immersing … Read More

Have Yourself a Very Merry Musical Christmas
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Hi guys! It’s Bri here. Yes, I’m still living. I hope you have all enjoyed your December. I cannot believe it’s already Christmas Eve! I never feel quite ready for Christmas, mostly because I get so sad how suddenly it’s over after Christmas Day…But, I guess that’s just how it … Read More

The Best Gluten Free Skin Care Routine and Giveaway!

Guys. We found an amazing gluten free skin care regime a little over a year ago. We are in LOVE and we’ve been dying to share it with you! I’m sure, as all of you fellow gluten intolerant/Celiac’s can relate, skin issues are just one of those things that come … Read More

Gluten Free Oreo-Reese’s Turkeys
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Have you seen these adorable Oreo-Reese’s Turkeys all over Pinterest? They are just the cutest! Well we found a way to make them gluten free! We replaced Oreos with gluten free “Oreos,” Woppers with Milk Duds and we all know Reese’s are already gluten free ;). We had the hardest … Read More

gluten free expo 2015
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Wow, what an amazing event! I LOVE the Gluten Free Expo and it didn’t disappoint! Seriously, if you didn’t get a chance to go this year, there’s always next year! It’s around this time every. Single. Year. There were so many booths I loved, it’s hard to remember every one. … Read More

It’s That Time Of Year Again!
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The nations BIGGEST gluten free expo is almost here and  the lovely people at the expo gave us 3 pairs of tickets to give away! Every October, some amazing people put on our favorite event of the year. We have gone four times, starting within the first weeks of being … Read More

A Couple Back to School Recipes
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Hey y’all! I hope everyone is surviving the first few weeks of school. While we don’t have kids in school, my husband is in his third week of a new semester at the University he’s attending. We are in full swing! I wanted to share two amazing recipe’s that are … Read More

DIY Gluten Free Gender Reveal Party
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I have to fill y’all in on a little secret. My family will be growing a little bigger in July! We are excited to welcome a little babe into our home. We made the announcement to our friends and family through a (gluten free) gender reveal party. If you haven’t … Read More

Happy Easter Weekend
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We hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend! If you are still in need of a gluten free treat, try out our recipe for Chocolate Waffle Cookies. The recipe is being featured over on Cupcakes and Kale Chips. They are the most perfect, chocolate, fluffy cookie you could ever … Read More

Glupid Happenings at Zaxby’s
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Most of our glupid moments come from eating out. Our latest glupid moment happened at a new restaurant in town called Zaxby’s.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, it originated in the south and has been working it’s way over to the west. People love this place. I first … Read More

9 Gluten Free Food Bars You Cannot Live Without
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We’ve tried a lot of gluten free food bars, the good and the bad. Wasted lots and lots of money on them too. We decided to share some of the ones we love and buy constantly. If it’s not on here, I’m sure we’ve tired it, we just might not … Read More

3rd Gluten Free-Aversary
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Well, our Gluten Free-Aversary rolled around this past September and..we have had so much going on that we haven’t been able to celebrate it till now. The first year we got a Red Lobster Cheescake slice and last year for our 2nd Gluten Free-Aversary Bri and I celebrated by going to … Read More

Gluten Free Oatmeal Banana Bites
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I found one of my all time favorite recipes over at the blog Pure Ella. Her two ingredient banana oatmeal cookies have been a staple in my house for breakfast. I just love them! My son will eat three or four gluten free oatmeal banana bites for breakfast. They are … Read More

The “Glutened” First Aid Kit
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You are asleep. You wake up with that feeling. You know the one. You’ve been poisoned somehow. From that moment you realize it’s going to be A LONG night spent on a cold tile floor next to your favorite porcelain receptacle. First, let me clarify by saying that I never … Read More

Grain Mill
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 The winner of our giveaway is Holly Edwards! Congratulations! I sent you an email! This post is so long in the making it’s sad. We have owned a grain mill for almost a year and let me tell you we will never go back! Grinding your own flour is easy, making … Read More

Sweet Debbie’s Organic Allergy-Free & Vegan Recipe Book Giveaway!
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Good news! I’m hosting a giveaway! I’ve been dying for an opportunity to get this one going and now is the perfect time! Today is the 11th day in our 12 Days Of Giveaways! Basically a few bloggers got together and decided to do an awesome giveaway party for the … Read More

Healthy Home Made Hot Cocoa
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  I am loving this wintery weather! My favorite part is getting into the warm drinks and soups! YUM! I am pretty much a soup person all year round but it’s the best when it’s cold outside. I love the contrast between the chilly weather and being able to drink … Read More

The Un-Fair Factor
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I have severely neglected the Glupid Moments category in my blog, which is crazy, because I, like you, experience them each and every day. There is not a day that goes by where I don’t feel the negative or positive effects of gluten sensitivity. It has changed my whole life regardless … Read More

Gluten Free Pumpkin Cookies
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Fall is here. One of my favorite seasons! The leaves have changed from bright red to a vibrant yellow and orange. The temperature can’t make up it’s mind. It’s either really windy and cold or hot. Pumpkins spread from jack o lanterns to pumpkin pie to savory pumpkin spice soup. … Read More

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